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About Us

The Beginning

Having arrived in Bali at beginning of 2016 to spend a year working for a client who required travel intelligence on the province, I quickly realised the printed guides were outdated, web content was badly organised (often with mixed up locations or historical terms) or blog-esque in quality, and travel editorial was, frankly, dishonest. So I had a think about what was wrong.

In the age of the instagram photo filtered to within an inch of its life; a time when editorial is being manipulated by schmaltzy PRs until it bleeds gold; and a period in which the braindead-panglossian tone of travel writing in general leaves one with the uneasy impression that valium may have been supplied with the toiletries, The Honest Guide represents less a light breeze around the socks than a game-changing hurricane on the travel intelligence scene.

Believing in the old-fashioned notion that people like and want the truth, The Honest Guide does exactly what it says on the tin. Providing a frank, intimate and concise account of people, places and things – it’s served just as a proper martini should be: straight up and without the small-talk.